Who wins the intelligent vote: Obama or Clinton?

Four years ago, I did some analysis of the voting of US states by their average IQ. It found that John Kerry won the 16 most "intelligent" US states, while George W. won the 26 least intelligent.

A similar analysis of the Democratic voting this time around is less conclusive. Of the 25 states that Barack Obama has won to date, the average IQ ranking is 24.6, compared to 21.7 for the 16 that Hillary Clinton has won. (The averages for Bush and Kerry were 34.7 and 10.5 respectively in 2004.)

Obama won Connecticut, the "most intelligent" state, the next four intelligent states being taken by Clinton (Massachusetts, Jersey, New York and Rhode Island). The top ten for which elections have taken place have been evenly divided between the two candidates.

At the bottom end, of the states whose elections have taken place, Obama has won the four least intelligent states (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina) and seven of the bottom ten.

Obama now needs to walk away with at least 44.5% of the remaining delegates to reach the 2,025 winning post, this being the lowest this figure has been in the entire election. Should be an exciting run home.


2 Responses to “Who wins the intelligent vote: Obama or Clinton?”

  1. Thomas Viner on March 8th, 2008 20:16

    If you look at this trend[1] I think it’s surprising she*’s still in the race at all.

    *I like the convenience that gender based personal pronouns can achieve in this (democratic) race.

    [1] http://viner.tv/go?dem_trend

  2. John on March 12th, 2008 06:36

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