Thames TV

I saw the beginning of a Thames TV programme earlier today, along with its powerful ditty (D crotchet, G crotchet, B crotchet, G crotchet, C crotchet, B quaver, G quaver, D minim, I believe) and its PowerPoint build-like reveal of the London skyline.

Thames TV

As a boy, I associated this logo and feem-choon with second-rate ITV fare. And as a boy, I also believed the skyline to be a true representation of London’s skyline (complete with a pixel-perfect reflection in the Thames).

Only today did I combine sufficient attention with the more intimate knowledge of London that I now have to realise that Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Post Office Tower (as it was then) and Big Ben are not positioned to make the above picture possible without some clever photoshopping.

Obviously, Photoshop (I believe the noun warrants a capital letter, the verb does not) was not around back then, so how they did it Lord only knows.


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  1. Amir on April 5th, 2008 07:14

    photomontage analogue stye with glue and scissors

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