Leaving no stone unturned

Today I shifted close on two tonnes of gravel. I cleared into bags the majority of the now green Cotswold Buff that adorns our back garden. And I shifted this morning’s one tonne delivery of loose Cotswold Buff (all beige, bright and lovely) down the half a dozen stairs at the front of our house, and through the house to the back garden. Rewarding, but hugely tiring.


One Response to “Leaving no stone unturned”

  1. Steve on April 14th, 2008 22:29

    Has such an undertaking turned you into a beefcake? are you now one of those irritating individuals who sit on crowded Tubes with their legs splayed at 180 degress, intruding into their adjacent passengers’ leg space with meaty be-jeaned thighs?
    I now have a vision of you looking like Schwarzenegger in his prime, whom Clive James once eloquently described as looking like “a condom filled with walnuts”.

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