Sainsbury’s spam: BOGOF

I received a marketing/spam email earlier today from the following "person":

Email address:
Friendly name: Sainsbury’s Onlien [sic] Groceries
Subject: Great ‘Buy 1 get 1 FREE’ deals for the sunny weekend

Despite the content of the email itself seeming to be genuine (complete with professional graphics and generally Sainsbury-esque content, a few things threw me. Firstly, I don’t like getting marketing emails from ‘people’ for whom the domain name is different from the company’s online presence. is not a domain I recognise.

Secondly, the typo in the sender’s friendly name is unprofessional, increasing the "watch out; this might be spam" part of my little brain.

And finally, the inconsistent capitalisation of the subject line, with a capital B for buy, a fully capitalised FREE but everything else sentence-case is a bit weird.

All in all, I’m confident it’s not spam. But it did little to avail any worries I might have.

(Oh, and as an aside, what’s with the quotes around the Buy 1 get 1 FREE deal? By encasing the deal in quotes, does it mean that Sainsbury’s (or indeed aren’t obliged to honour it?)


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