Running countdown

We’re now on a severe countdown to the 10km run. It’s two weeks on Monday. Or 16 days from now. Eeek.

I went for a run last night, 7.19km in total, a loop of Battersea Park with Albert and Chelsea bridges included for the extra distance and wonderful views on what was a beautiful night, even if it was a little warm for running. 36m 45s in total, extrapolating to a 51m 6s 10km. It wasn’t the best of runs, but I’m headed in the right direction. I’m now aiming to do a decent run every other day (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), then doing a couple of easy runs on the Tuesday and Thursday before the big day.

The other worrying part is that I’ve been allocated the number 303, and they’ve been handed out numerically based on estimated completion time, mine being 45m. Shit it!


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  1. Shanahan on May 10th, 2008 01:19

    I don’t understand your last comment, “Shit it”. 45mins for a 10km is roughly 7mins and 14second mile for 6 miles. That’s fast (for me). I’d be pretty happy with that. Are you worried about running that fast or do you think you should be up with the 30minuters?

  2. Dan on May 10th, 2008 08:18

    Ah, Francis. 45m for a 10km would be pretty good. My best is 42m30s about five years ago; my latest was 43m30s in October 2006.

    The “shit it” refers to the fact that at my current pace, I’ve no hope of getting close to it, and so my race number is by no means an accurate reflection of where I’ll finish…

  3. Shanahan on May 10th, 2008 08:40

    I see. Shit it then. By comparison, I ran 6.93 miles in 1hr exactly today. Avg pace was 8’41, max pace was 6’43. It’s sort of skewed though as the last mile is up a steep grade of about 15-30 degrees.

  4. niknej on May 10th, 2008 16:51

    Good luck, mate – and you think you’re gonna have time to practice once Chris and Vic get back (work-thing to anybody else)?!

    Go for it and best of luck.

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