Increasing the distance, reducing the time

The longest training run to date this evening. 9.02km in 43m 5s. That extrapolates to 47m 45s for the 10km. I have to say I’m surprised. All in all, it was OK, but there were a few moments when I just wanted it to stop. Eventually, it did, when I heaved myself up our front steps and staggered through our front door, and I fully expected a rubbish time. But the longest distance to date brought about my quickest extrapolated 10km to date. (By the way, I don’t take any form of timepiece with me. Instead I look at the analogue clock in the lounge before my run and again after it. In my sorry medical state, I then take an age to calculate the difference between the two.)

So the profile of extrapolated times to date are:

Shit. That’s only nine training runs so far. Three more before the race will make twelve. Making the race run 13. Hm. Double figures at least.

Today was the first run over 9km, and the first under 48m for the extrapolation. Today’s best run was 7% faster than my worst. It would be good to get another 2% to bring it under 47m as part of my training.

As for the race itself, let’s see. Whether adrenaline will kick in sufficiently to get me closer to my predicted time of 45m is doubtful.


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