Run 11

Last night’s run felt like a proper run. Partly because it was a decent distance; partly because I felt pretty good in myself while doing it, even deciding at around 7km (on exiting Battersea Park) to extend the loop a little beyond the 9km of the previous outing to take me close to the 10km, if not beyond.

The distance ended up being 9.89km, rounded off with a haul up Cedars Road (quite a hill) before the gentle downhill round the side of the Common and all the way home.

The day hadn’t started well. After my 1.37am mid-night bathroom stop (they seem to become more prevalent the older I get), I decided to can my 5.35am alarm call in favour of an extra hour in bed. The evening, however, offered ideal running conditions: cooler than of late, with a little wind, perhaps a little too breezy if anything.

The time was 47m 30s, a tiny bit of extrapolation taking this to a 48m 2s 10km. And despite this relatively quick run, I experienced a first for this training preparation: an overtaker. Some guy lumbered past me on the north side of Battersea Park wearing a Pray I’m Not Your Doctor Number 5 rugby shirt. The awkwardness of his running suggested I should be outpacing him, but his taller stature (it’s not that hard after all) meant his legs were working about half as much as mine. Nevertheless, he provided a target to hunt down before he turned out of the park and I headed for the river.

Lastly, apologies to the guy crossing Albert Bridge carrying what I think might have been a biscuit tin in a bag. I thought he was being an awkward bastard by standing stock still next to his partner. In retrospect (and after a sarcastic thank you from me), he may have been creating a diagonal gap between the two of them—not the most intelligent move on such a narrow path, but my bad nonetheless. Fortunately, the biscuit tin seemed to be empty, as my leg clattered into it while passing him.

Oh, and lastly (really this time), for some reason when I stop running, my knees start itching. Very strange.


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  1. CG on May 20th, 2008 22:45

    Isn’t it called the nylon knickerbocker itch?

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