Run 12

I thought I’d tipped 10km in Monday’s run with the additional leg up to the Common. But I was 100m short. So I extended the end of tonight’s run by a trivial amount to ensure that I could interpolate my time—and to claim that I’d run 10km in training. The distance was 10.09km; time: 47m 5s. That interpolates to a 10km of 46m 40s.

So I achieved my recently-set personal target of 10km in under 47m, which I’m happy about. I didn’t expect it, expecting the time to be significantly slower than Monday’s. It’s pleasing to notice the times coming down while the effort seems to stay pretty much constant.

I’ll head out for a light 5km jog on Friday morning and take the weekend off in preparation for the run Monday morning.

In terms of time of day, I think I prefer running in the evening than in the morning, although the glorious smells of food that waft from the restaurants and houses of Clapham on the balmy evenings certainly makes me want to stop running in favour of eating.


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