Amazon UK Schmamazon UK

Amazon UK has recently undergone a make-over. And it’s rubbish

First of all, it’s not logical. When not signed in, it suggests that I sign in, but I have to hunt high and low (and right) to find the link to do so. Once I’m signed in, it now says “Hello Mr..”, the first period probably representing the abbreviation of Mister, the latter being the end of the sentence, having been unable to display my surname. I conduct a search and am presented my results. I’m informed that it’s “Showing Top Results”, but I don’t know what “Top” means. Furthermore, I’m no longer given an option for re-sorting the results, until that is I select a category within which to filter my results; only then can I change the default relevance sort to bestselling, price or average customer review.

And finally (for now at least), its overall feel suggests it’s brought to me by Littlewoods or Argos. I don’t mean any disrespect to either of these brands, but they’re not brands I associate with a slick, professional web presence. All in all, well, it’s just rubbish.


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