Amazonian joy

I absolutely love buying stuff from Amazon. I rarely do it, but when I do, everything about it (save the revised user experience) is unadulterated pleasure.

On this occasion, I bought a variety of things: a present for each of my wife and daughter, a new pair of earphones to use with my iPod, Sideways on DVD and a fabulous nasal clipper a month shy of my 35th birthday (one that I’d recommend to anyone in need—fabulous little tool).

By choosing the free super-save delivery, I saved money but more importantly the anticipation of the delivery increased with each passing day, culminating in the delivery itself today.

My ears were treated wonderfully on the bus home; I can’t wait to read my daughter her new story in the morning; Sideways is making me laugh, and pine for New York; and my nose has never been clearer.


2 Responses to “Amazonian joy”

  1. Paul Mc on June 6th, 2008 11:34

    35th Birthday! Not a day over 32, now I’m sure it’s your round!!

  2. art vandelay on June 6th, 2008 22:55

    wait til something goes wrong and amazon don’t give a shit. I hate amazon and refuse to shop there, thereby spiting myself because everything is more available and cheaper.

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