21 June

The nights are drawing in.

That was my favourite saying that my Dad used to say during my childhood, usually within a couple of days of 21 June.


2 Responses to “21 June”

  1. art vandelay on June 22nd, 2008 14:11

    Wrong, wrong wrong.

    Although a reasonable attempt, this is not the time to use that brilliant line.

    The correct time is in fact something like mid March, when the first signs of Spring are beginning to rekindle hope in those who hate the darkness.

    A swift ‘another 12 weeks and the nights start drawing in’ is far, far funnier than using it today.

    I urge you to try it.

  2. Niknej on June 27th, 2008 06:43

    To take a slight detour on this, does you dearly beloved (your wife as opposed to your daughter who is too young to talk (I thought I’d point that out before you raised the question)) ever remind you that “you sound just like your father”, meaning it is as a “for God’s sake, don’t turn into your father!”

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