Our kitchenware delivery system

My daughter rarely sees the dishwasher being loaded, as most of this activity is conducted after she’s fast asleep. So she only ever sees it being emptied, something I often do with her ‘help’ at 6.30am while her breakfast is warming. Given that she only ever sees clean dishes being taken out of the machine and loaded into the relevant cupboards, maybe she thinks it’s a kitchenware delivery machine, new crockery and cutlery being delivered to the house every morning. How cool would that be?


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  1. Nicholas on June 25th, 2008 20:26

    Does the laundry fairy visit her room too at night to pick up the clothes off the floor and tidy up the toys?

    These night time sprites are really cool when you are young. if only they could be trained to put the toilet seat down too and pick up my socks. My hunch is that the laundry fairies follow the sun around the world flitting from nursery to nursery.

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