Pocket rationalisation programme

The contents of my pockets are reaching mammoth proportions, and that’s not me boasting!

As I posted some time ago, summer exacerbates the issue surrounding pocket contents, as there are more things to carry with you (sunglasses) with fewer pockets across which to distribute the contents (owing to the lack of coats and the like). Of late, my pockets are asked (at various parts of the day) to support some or all of: iPod, wallet, BlackBerry, phone (a chunky MDA Vario 3), keys, loose change, sunglasses.

Having done a benefits analysis, a pocket rationalisation programme has been commissioned which aims to significantly reduce the volume of artefacts that will be supported by my pockets. The programme will include a stream to assess the number of necessary objects, one to understand the most appropriate transportation device for the objects (pocket or other), and one to assess the volume of each—there is thought to be scope for reducing the volume of both the wallet and sunglasses case. There will be an underlying change management piece aimed at instilling new ways of working in myself to avoid future Costanza-esque wallet proportions.


2 Responses to “Pocket rationalisation programme”

  1. elise on June 30th, 2008 19:10

    break down and buy yourself a man bag already.

  2. Niknej on July 5th, 2008 07:52

    Prior to the benefits analysis, could you confirm that a complete requirements analysis was done? On the assumption that it was, you will have determined that all the items are needed and that a signifcant Change Programme is required where working practices will need to be revised including a re-evaluation of personal standards. Assuming that such changes can be accepted by management, the adoption of new carrying devices should be considered ……. so after all that waffle, I can only reiterate the thoughts above – I can feel a man-bag coming on – go on, you can do it!! Either that or a batmanesque utility belt.

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