3G coldspot: an update

I’ve mentioned before the existence of a 3G coldspot around Vauxhall. Here’s an update, with further data now available.

The coldspotbegins midway across Vauxhall Bridge. By midway, I mean midway.Literally. The rising half of the bridge brings with it a successfulinterface with the internet. As soon as the bus tips to descend downthe gentle slope of the western half of the bridge, the connection disappears. Entirely. I knowexactly when my last Google Reader article download can be made, and Ihave to choose it carefully, to maximise my coldspot reading pleasure. The coldspot continues up the full lengthof Millbank and St. Margaret Street, round the perimeter of ParliamentSquare, ending at the turn on to Parliament Street, at which point, the 3G warmth returns. Bloody annoying,I tell you. And here is the 3G coldspot map.

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