Google Reader’s flagging

I need an extra flag in Google Reader. Currently, posts can be. starred: they’re either good or they’re not. And you may have noticed, unless of course you read my posts through Google Reader, that I now have a little widget on the right hand side of my blog exposing my last five starred items.

But often there are posts that I want to flag for reading at a later date. It’s because either I don’t have time to read the full post right now, or I’m skimming through my unread items on a device that’s unsuitable for the content. (I skim through a lot of my subscriptions on my MDA Vario on the way to work, a device that’s fine for text, but cumbersome for anything more advanced.)

So Google, I’d like a new flag, one that says “judging by the title, this article may well be of interest. But I’m not able to qualify this possibility right now, so just keep it to one side for me will you until I can, there’s a good chap.”



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