My bus stops well often

A few moments before each bus stop, my bus announces to its passengers "Bus stopping at next bus stop. Please stand well clear of doors."

Is this proper English? Or is it a modernism that’s crept in? (Not that I’m averse to the latter, of course.) I think it’s both, and it would be wonderful if the creators had thought the same, in an attempt to appeal to both the younger and older generations.


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  1. Bob T Ironside on August 9th, 2008 11:39

    I can’t see there is a difference between clear and well clear, you either or are you aren’t clear of the doors.

    Part of the nanny culture, what happened to the days we sprinted after a routemaster and leapt onto the platform, or jumped off it and started running to avoid falling over.

    At least it recognises that some drivers can’t be arsed to stop when they should, and I think the first sentence is a reminder to the driver of their primary mission.

    It would be preferable if the advice said:

    “The driver will accelerate to the next bus stop and brake suddenly before he stops. Please stand well clear of the doors so they will shut before you can get off. Despite shouting at the driver, he will feign momentary deafness so you can enjoy a long walk back to the previous stop. Have a nice day”

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