John Buchan

I clicked on an advert for Dell’s Studio 15 laptop today. Not because I was interested in buying it; but because I was mildly interested in what it had to offer.

I went through the ordering process to see what options were available. “Lots” was the answer. I could select everything under the sun, including its colour, drive size/type, CD drive, software, graphics card etc.

It took me 39 steps (and screens) to get the thing into my shopping cart. It’s a wonder anyone ever has the patience to buy a Dell.


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  1. I on November 3rd, 2008 21:13

    What really screws me off is the way they insist you tell them what market you’re in, and then they show you which particular machines they’re prepared to offer you.

    In addition, none of them tell you how loud they are.

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