British Gas defection

British Gas recently increased their gas prices by 35% and their electricity prices by 9%. That hurt. Today, I received a letter informing me that my monthly direct debit amount for gas (calculated by them) would be increased by 209% to be more in line with our usage and their increased prices. I reacted.

A terse conversation with British Gas resulted in the increase being reduced to 135% (based on actuals rather than estimates), which was better, but still rather unpalatable.

So I went to the market in search of alternatives. And shortly, our electricity will be provided by Scottish Power, 100% green. And our gas will be provided by Southern Electric, bizarrely enough.

Happy days.


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  1. Calum on August 14th, 2008 12:47

    both of whom, if I’m not mistaken have yet to raise their prices. When they do, post again to compare whether the switch has been beneficial! I for one am waiting 3 or so months to let the volatility of the market become less, then look about. Would also recommend using their on-line tariffs also, less paper waste, generally cheaper, and you can (pro-actively) avoid being billed to estimates.

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