Boy Meets World

Congratulations to Corey, who passed a bunch of GCSEs today with a load of As and A*s. Not sure what A*s are (they didn’t have them in my day, let me tell you), but apparently they’re even better than As. Oh, and apparently he didn’t do PE GCSE (who’d’ve thought there was such a thing), which makes him more intelligent than his peers, even if it also means he’ll weigh 400lb (182kg) by the time he’s 22.


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  1. Nicola on August 21st, 2008 22:46

    Thanks Dan
    To add to the celebration the boy in question also got signed up by the National Hockey League this afternoon. London 2012??? Blows the 400lbs out of the water tho!

  2. The Boy on August 21st, 2008 22:49

    Hey Dan
    Thanks for the support and for putting up with my Mum at work.
    Anybody want to sponsor a boy genius?

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