Google Chrome

Google Chrome worries me. Its intention is no doubt to give Google even greater control over your browsing experience, wrapped up in a lovely interface to lure the unsuspecting user in.

This is all very well (kind of), but I’m nervous that its efforts will create unwelcomed competition for Mozilla’s Firefox, and will not touch Internet Explorer’s continued market dominance. My mum won’t download Chrome, nor indeed would she have downloaded Firefox was it not for my intervention. Only geeks will download it, the very market that Firefox has cornered, myself included. Infighting for market share between the two will only serve to strengthen Microsoft’s relative dominance.

Amusing and cheeky that they chose MySpace in the BBC News demo to highlight the graceful degradation experienced when a tab crashes.


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  1. niknej on September 5th, 2008 20:31

    OK, so I’ve downloaded it – now what? What’s so special?

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