Danger: cars skidding

Ever since childhood, I’ve had a major issue with the UK signpost warning drivers of slippery surfaces.


I’ve always wondered how the car in question came to leave the tyre tracks in the picture. Given that there are only two tracks, it seems that only two tyres (the fronts, I expect) are leaving the marks, which can only mean that the car has rotated a full 180°, the middle of the front axle acting as the pivot point for the rotation, all the while maintaining a constant movement forward overall.

The right (or is it left) wheel being off the ground adds further intrigue to the accident.


2 Responses to “Danger: cars skidding”

  1. ilse on September 11th, 2008 12:03

    Hold two pens in the same hand and put them on a page, each pen representing a wheel of the 2D car. Now move the right pen faster slightly faster than the left then twizzle them so left is right and right is left. Bingo a 2D skid mark. My Arse however, only needs a pair of pants to produce some super skid marks worthy for any Sign.

  2. Ziggy on September 11th, 2008 23:40

    I thought it was a ‘beware girlies doing make-up’ warning sign

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