Which F-ing app.?

I like Facebook. It’s both useful—to find people you otherwise might lose touch with—and interesting—to find out what those people are up to.

I like Flickr. It’s useful for posting photos and videos that you want to share, either with the rest of the world, or with close family and friends. It’s also interesting to see those of friends who care to do the same.

So where should I post my photos? My Facebook friends currently total over 100. My Flickr friends are closer to 30. So I’m more lax in my willingness to add friends on Facebook.

I use the applications in completely different ways. Facebook is a very informal forum for updating with trivial shite and play the occasional game of Word Twist. Flickr is more formal, allowing me to share personal photos with people with whom I have genuine, meaningful connections.

Flickr’s dedication to photo (and now video) sharing has given it a rich interface through which you can tag, name, protect, map, group photos. Facebook’s photo-sharing facility is much more simplistic, with one essential yet beautiful ingredient: the ability to tag individuals’ faces.

I think Facebook needs Flickr to fuel its photos and user contribution. And Flickr probably needs Facebook as an additional source of content for its users to enjoy. How, and whether, the two will evolve with one another remains to be seen.

At the end of the day, I don’t think the two Fs can ignore one another


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