I just read of Dave Weir’s likely frustration at having to race the T54 800m wheelchair final again, having been stripped of what he thought was a gold medal owing to some of his competitors being lined up in the wrong lanes based on the lane draw. Kurt Fearnley was drawn in lane seven but was lined up in lane two, understandably a hindrance given the increased curvature of the inner lanes. (Maybe wheelchair events should take place on a specially-converted airport runway. Heathrow Terminal Five will be closed for two weeks in August 2012 to accommodate London’s Paralympics. I digress.)

The Australian’s appeal means that, according to the BBC, the race will be "re-run". Is that the correct term for such events? Would a stage of the Tour de France be re-run? (Not Alpe d’Huez, I’d hope. That would be a right pisser.)


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  1. art vandelay on September 14th, 2008 20:55

    for once the criminals have come to their senses and withdrawn their appeal. Dave Weir wins gold and all the Strayans achieved was making the best time of his life miserable for roughly 24 hours.

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