6 August, 1928–22 February, 1987

My colleague thought she saw Andy Warhol at Wagamama at lunchtime today. I have to question whether she did indeed see him.


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  1. Colleague on October 9th, 2008 14:15

    I DID see him!! He looked a bit grey and there was a definite glazing of the eyes but it was him eating Yaki Sobe.

  2. Not a Colleague on October 10th, 2008 17:07

    Your colleague may have been correct but most likely it wasn’t Andy Warhol but Andy Warthog who is known to be partial to Yaki Soba, In fact he craves it so much he spends half his day in Wagamama waiting for scraps from the kitchen. In future if you do pop into Wagamama and you see someone with a large nose or snout tucking into a bowl of noodles you know should know it’s Andy Warhog and not the overrated artist of yester year.

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