Bricking it

It seems that diplomats are above the law when it comes to traffic. A couple of years ago, the US embassy was in the papers over its resolute failure to pay Ken any of their diplomats’ congestion charge penalties. And nowadays, every time I walk past the Nigerian embassy on Great Scotland Yard, diplomat cars are parked nose to tail on the double-yellow lines, some containing an expectant driver, others devoid of occupants. Never, it seems, does a traffic warden bother to venture down that street, either because they know that the fine will never be paid or because of their diplomatic immunity.

So instead of hitting the offenders with a meaningless piece of paper, carrying the details of either a parking fine or a congestion charge penalty, why are the traffic wardens not given licence to brick one of their windows? Obviously they should avoid going for the one adjacent to any occupant parties, but a bricked window would hit them where it hurt, leaving them cold and frustrated with the cost of a fixed window to find. Naturally, the warden would take a photo of the offending vehicle before the bricking to prove to the authorities the offence being committed. And they would ignore any remonstrations once the picture-taing had begun, just as is the case with parking fines.

Just a thought.


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  1. Dean Grant on November 14th, 2008 08:23

    Personally I think our Government should support a coup in their country and put on the throne a friendly despot who, apart from pocketing all the wealth and leaving the population starving, pays their London parking tickets.

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