University Challenge/Family Fortunes

University Challenge is a time of much competition in our house. My wife and I will try and outwit one another answering the ludicrously difficult questions.

I’ll have a go at most questions Paxman asks of me, the vast majority of which I’ll get wrong. My wife is more selective with her answering, but gets most of her attempts right. All in all, I’d say we average out with a similar number of correct answers, although rarely do our areas of expertise overlap—my occasional successes in maths and geography counter her prowess in politics and popular culture.

During tonight’s edition, the question was posed: what is the English meaning of the Italian phrase terra cotta. In my eager attempt at getting an answer out tout de suite, I bleated out "land of cheese." I was, of course, wrong, the correct answer being "baked earth." Much merriment was had, predominantly, nay exclusively, at my expense.


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