Pulling the pLog

This post was never meant to be written. Twice now, accidental keystrokes have meant I’ve lost it in its entirety. Third time lucky!

I’m currently negotiating my way through a platform migration for this wee blog. It’s currently sitting on pLog, which was renamed to LifeType about 18 months ago. (Since which, its site and its package seem to have remained stagnant.) That is, of course, unless you’re reading this post-migration, in which case it’s sitting on WordPress. My aspiration is to move it to, you guessed it, WordPress.

The primary driver for the move is to provide a more professional front-door to the domain, of which the blog will only be a part. (Admittedly it will be the through lounge–kitchen–diner in comparison to the downstairs toilet represented by the new stuff (in terms of volume only). But there will be more than just a blog.

I’m also keen to exploit some of the additional modules and trinkets that WordPress has to offer. I have no idea what these are yet, but they’re meant to be really good, and I’m sure I’ll have a business need for at least one of them. Oh, here’s one: I’m fed up of the archives module over to the right lengthening by one each month, to its now-ludicrous 53-entry bohemoth. I think in WordPress, I can have years that expand upon click using some clever jiggery-pokery.

I’ll be using the migration as an opportunity to revise the look-and-feel, one that’s been in place for almost exactly two years, and one which I want to get rid of for personal reasons.

Thanks to Jeremy for giving a brief endorsement of WordPress and offering more detail, and thanks and bows to Rob for evangelising, but more importantly for getting stuck into the migration headache which I can’t even begin to fathom.

It’s highly likely that the aggregator-whores amongst you will need to update your feed addresses, but more on that later.


3 Responses to “Pulling the pLog”

  1. Mike on November 20th, 2008 20:49

    Come and join the party on WordPress. It’s very configurable (You need to know when to stop!) It also comes with access to good plugins, one of which makes database management very easy. Very handy if your importing all your old posts.

  2. slatfatf on November 21st, 2008 17:57

    But if the blog itself is way longer than the menu then why does it matter that it is 53 entries long. You actually want your audience to do an unnecessary extra page load for no particular reason. Weak benefits case. Must try harder.

  3. Dan on November 21st, 2008 22:15

    But while you were commenting on this particular post, you’d have noticed that the left-hand nav. scrolls way beyond the comment box. It also makes the subsequent modules (other people’s blogs and feeds) become somewhat inaccessible.

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