More than words

My daughter is getting quite verbose in her old age. Below is a smattering of the words that she’s now able to say, six days shy of 20 months old.

ba-bye, bye, cake, daddy, Fifi, go, hello, juice, mama, more, no, no no no, ok, party, Peppa, shoe, tea, tree, whee, wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle, wow, yay, yes.

Most are said in context (yes, wiggle wiggle wiggle has a context), some are used to mimic us parents. The big exception being: more. She says more when she actually wants no more. No more food, no more juice, no more TV (rare), no more music, no more being dangled upside down, whatever. It’s really quite funny to watch, her pushing away the juice while insisting more.


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  1. Shanahan on November 30th, 2008 03:16

    Does she by any chance hit something and THEN say more? In which case she’s communicating “bang more”, bang is a common word for “exclamation point” or in C code that’s !more which translates to “not more”. Just throwing it out there.

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