Change request: rejected

My mate in Sydney who hosts this little blog moved it to a shiny, new server and upgraded php in the process. I could swear I didn’t receive a change request to authorise. That’s what you get when you get a free hosting service, I guess 😉

The adverse impact of the move was, as far as I’m aware twofold:

I’ve sorted the former problem by disabling the captcha (that number that you used to have to type in to post a comment), but comments are still moderated. The impact to me is that I have to reject swathes of shitty spam comments, which kicked in the moment I disabled the captcha—comforting that it seems it was doing something all these years.

As for the latter, I have no idea why it stopped working, but I’ve just clicked it, and it seems to have rectified itself. Which is nice.

It seems that pLog didn’t work properly with the new version of php. Time to move to WordPress as soon as possible.

(As an aside, all of the spam comments are very complimentary about my site. Maybe a better captcha would look for any complimentary comments and remove them, on the assumption that all genuine comments will be derogatory.)


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    […] was very good at processing basic blog posts.  But much beyond that was a struggle.  Since the PHP upgrade, I’ve been unable to implement a captcha so have had to hand-delete oodles of spam comments […]

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