Breakfast room

Anna (or more technically her beloved) recently speculated on how much cereal it would take to fill her living room. Click here to read about the bizarre thought process that led up to it.

Anyway our lounge, with rough dimensions of eight metres long, four metres wide and 3.5 metres tall, would need around 236,786.5 pints of milk to fill. Assuming nine helpings of Alpen (my cereal of choice) in a standard box, and half a pint of milk per serving, I’d need 52,619 650g boxes. (Ocado only allows me to order up to 99 boxes at a time, which is frustrating.)

The total cost of the experiment would be £254,545, assuming the use of six-pint semi-skimmed milk containers and no bulk order discounts. 65% of the cost is Alpen-related; 35% for milk.

I’d need to tape up the doors, and probably re-inforce the windows. I expect I’d have to complete the experiment by ripping up the upstairs carpet and floorboards, and pouring the ingredients through the gap. I would, obviously, trip the relevant electrical switches to avoid any associated disasters.


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