I’m not very well at the moment. I’ve been struck down for the second time in as many months by something akin to ‘flu’, and am now dosed up on antibiotics and Nurofen, looking forward to a hacking, alcohol-free Christmas.

Among other things, I’ve been suffering mild hallucinations in the night, with particularly vivid dreams and semi-conscious illogical thought processes. But I think the symptoms started on the way to an afternoon party on Sunday. I’d bought a present for the hosts’ son, who will be three in March. The present had a "36 months +" warning attached. I struggled in my head all the way down the hill from Sainsbury’s to the Smoke Rooms to figure out whether the boy was less than or greater than 36 months of age, despite knowing he was two years and nine months. Eventually I convinced myself that 36 months was actually one and a half years, and was content in the suitability of the toy.

Very bizarre.

(I’ve since warned the parents, btw.)


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