No spam day/week

I have received 4,087 spam emails in the last 30 days. And because of my need to turn off the captcha for comments on this blog because of its incompatibility with the new version of php, I’m getting swathes of spam comments here too. (They’re all pre-moderated, so none of them make it to the site, thankfully. Which begs the question: why do they bother hitting me?)

Could we have a spam-free day? Or better still, a spam free week? I know these people have very few morals, if any, but it’s worth asking them isn’t it? Can I propose the first Wednesday in February, which this time will take place on 4 February 2009? Or else the first week of February (2–8 February).

It might be nice not to get any, for a little while at least.

While on the subject, I’m intrigued as to why spam messages are so dreadfully bad. Full of typos and illiterate English, surely this in itself makes them more easily detectable. Or maybe the poor, modern-day English standards make them blend into the rest. Who knows?


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