Obama, McCain, Kerry, Bush

Inspired by some comments Alan made today detailing Lycos’ top 50 searches of 2008, I decided to check Google Trends for the relative popularity of Barack Obama and John McCain searches on Google.

Here’s a link to the 2008 timeline, below is the chart.

Google Trends: Obama vs. McCain

McCain is red, as per his party’s colours; Obama is blue.

Only at one point in the year did John McCain searches exceed those of his rival, around August/September.

Here are the comparable trends for John Kerry and George Bush in 2004 and below is the chart.

Google Trends: Jerry vs. Bush

That time, the losing candidate, John Kerry, is in blue. A much more mixed picture, with Kerry enjoying several peaks above those of his rival. Interestingly, the news searches always favoured Kerry, likely because of the Democratic bent of the early adopters, given that Google News was then in its infancy.


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