2008 in numbers

A few numbers to round off 2008.

The year has seen 327 posts (0.89 per day), the second biggest calendar year to date after the 413 posts of 2006. (The heaviest 12 months ran from March 2006–February 2007, 428 posts. The lightest 12 month period was the 2005 calendar year, a mere 224 posts.) 2008’s posts elicited 347 comments, or 1.06 comments per post.

2008’s peak came in September, with 37 posts, and after a rather lacklustre start to the year, April onwards saw an average of over 30 posts per month.

There are now an estimated 242,472 words of tat, printable in Times New Roman 12 point on an estimated 612 pages of A4. If you choose to do this, please go double-sided.

Despite the relative regularity with which my tangential thoughts, nay ramblings, have brought themselves to the fore as posts herein, I’ve grown a little tired of the blog over the last two or three months. It needs some fresh impetus which I’ve not had the inclination to give it of late. Hopefully early 2009 will give me some fresh insipration and some new food for erudite thought. Alas, maybe erudition is a little too much to expect. Why start now?

Happy new year, one and all.


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  1. Niknej on January 5th, 2009 19:44

    While there are the ramblings that appeal and those that don’t, I would be truly sorry to see yours tail away.

    Perhaps you should kick off a forum – and those that are inclined to engage in more of a discussion / banter can thus moving the effort from you.

    Or maybe I should go and join something like Facebook where I am told I can do this sort of thing! Aaaargh! Heaven forbid!

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