Google: sort out your contact management

FFS. Google Mail’s contact management is dreadful. Here’s why.

When I use a new email address, it is automatically added as a new contact in my database. Instead, it should prompt me, asking whether I’d like to add it to an existing contact or create a new one from scratch.

And the new contact is completely empty with the exception of the email address and alias. Yet it often shares exactly the same alias ("Surname, Forename") as the numerous other contacts I have for that same person.

I have quite a few contacts who have multiple email addresses, addresses that I use for different purposes and who email me from all of them. I want these to be treated as a single contact with multiple email addresses, rather than the three, four, five separate contacts that are created.

Currently, there is no way to merge multiple contacts, either automatically for those that have the same alias, or manually via a drag and drop. There should be, as it’s the biggest bane of my Google Mail experience.

Oh, and when I delete a contact to try and minimise the incidence of the above problem, please don’t jump me back to the top of the list. I have 1,327 contacts. If I go through them from A–Z and get to M, I’m at M for a reason. I want to keep on manually merging and deleting contacts from where I left off. When I delete a file in Windows Explorer, I’m left where I was.

Please just sort it out. At the moment, it’s half-cocked and is a dreadful user experience. Thanks.


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  1. Greg on January 12th, 2009 09:47

    I couldn’t agree more! It has been a nightmare trying to get my address book sorted, it’s almost easier to manage it on my Blackberry and then update GMail with Google Sync!

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