PatientPak: it changes with the news

I saw an advert for PatientPak on the Tube the other day. It read as follows.

PatientPak is the first ever kit developed specifically to help yourself keep safe, clean and free from superbugs, bacteria and topical viruses.

It’s impressive. For it to be able to understand what’s in the news and adapt itself accordingly is no mean feat. I have no idea whether there should be an R in topical. It might make more sense.


One Response to “PatientPak: it changes with the news”

  1. Steve on January 13th, 2009 15:54

    No, I think it is actually spelt correctly, based on the medical definition of topical: Pertaining to a particular surface area. Tropical diseases are usually spread by some kind of vector (such as biting insects), so unless the pack contains insect repellant then I can’t see how it would protect against those. What you seem to be getting for your £15.99 is a very expensive wash-kit . . .

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