Which MS Office application are you?

From the original set of MS Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), if you had to live with only one of them and could not replace the others with competitors’ products, which would you keep?

I had a client in New York who, despite being equipped with PowerPoint, insisted on doing presentations in Excel, each "slide" taking up the immediately visible section of the grid in the top left corner of the sheet, each sheet representing a new slide.

Rather silly, but he was comfortable in Excel, and uncomfortable in every other application.

He would, I expect, keep Excel, and I’d join him. It has a limited word processing facility and with a good bit of extra effort you could probably pump out a relatively decent-looking document. And while it doesn’t have the build functionality that comes with PowerPoint, Excel’s drawing capabilities are pretty good, and you could flip to Full Screen mode to actually give a presentation.

Maybe it’s a way of reducing licence costs during the credit-crunch.


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  1. Ilse on January 14th, 2009 18:35

    Today you showed how excel can provide 90% of msp functionality

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