GMail offline and new feature requests

While Google announces the great news that GMail and GCalendar will soon be available offline, through a random rollout to all GMail and Google Apps customers, I feel it needs to sort out a few things with its online offering.

As well as the aforementioned contacts issue, Google needs to offer a few additional features as part of its standard package. I would like all of my emails to be spell-checked automatically when I press the Send button, and for the system to allow me to add words and acronyms that I use to the dictionary. I’d like to be able to define my default font (Georgia) as opposed to changing it in each email I send (which I never bother doing). When I click Attach a file, I want a browse dialog box to appear straight away, as opposed to having to then click a Browse button. (Who the hell types a file path? If they want to, they can click cancel on the dialog box, as I’m sure they’re the minority.)

That’s not a lot to ask, right? I’ll submit my request to Google Labs and see what comes back.


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