My head and my data are in the Clouds

I first mentioned GMail in my blog on 26 September 2004. I think I was using it at the time, but only for an account as opposed to my primary email account on this domain. Its main use was as a gateway into Google Chat.

Soon after that post, I migrated my primary email account into the Cloud, Google managing this for me through the Google Apps Standard offering. With it went my calendar information. I’m tempted to upgrade to Premium, primarily for the security that it brings. But that’s another story.

I was slow to take on to digital photography, finally getting a digital camera in December 2006. And my photos didn’t move to the Cloud until 1 October, 2007, when I opened my Flickr account, upgrading it to Flickr Pro on 30 July 2008.

I have now organised my contacts, more out of necessity than design owing to the demise of my old phone. These are now in Google Apps, squarely in the Cloud.

And this blog is currently in a mini-Cloud, on my mate’s server in Sydney. I’m hoping it will be moving to a separate mini-Cloud in Jersey (of the UK variety) imminently, as it moves from pLog to WordPress, which I first mentioned in December 2006.

There is still some data that I keep locally: important files, application configuration (e.g. Firefox) and music (iTunes). I’m sure with time these will all move into the Cloud. It’s wonderful how things change.


2 Responses to “My head and my data are in the Clouds”

  1. Tom Viner on February 10th, 2009 14:45

    My contacts are in a bit of mess and need pulling together in one place. Do you use the gmail contacts facility or is there a specific contact element of google apps?

  2. Dan on February 10th, 2009 16:11

    I use GMail contacts. Possibly the worst of the Google offerings, but I’m sure there’s promise to make it better, what with all that 20% time.

    If you’re really struggling, it may be easier to do a full export, delete the entire set of contacts from GMail, edit in Excel and then re-import.

    Once it’s in a manageable state in GMail, it’s not too difficult to keep up-to-date, and syncs nicely with my BB through Google Sync.


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