Bytes and pieces

I am confused. And annoyed. It’s all because of megabytes, megabits, meg and mbps.

My BlackBerry’s T Mobile account allows me "50 Meg" of transfer per month. I think the meg here is megabytes. After two weeks’ usage, I’ve used 7Mb, so I don’t see this being a problem. I am, however, surprised at how low my usage has been, as I’ve downloaded a few applications (Flickr Uploader, Google Maps, GMail, Facebook for BB (rubbish, btw)) and been occupying bus journeys keeping up on my RSS subscriptions, email and general webby-type stuff.

Whenever quoted meg, I’m always fearful over whether they mean megabits or megabytes (the answer to which they never know, of course), as it makes an eightfold difference in your allowance. Particularly confusing when people transition quickly between connection speeds (usually quantified in bits) and data allowances (usually quantified in bytes).

So the term megabit should be outlawed with immediate effect, and meg should always refer to megabyte to save future confusion. OK?


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