Designing glasses

I’m intrigued as to how people design glasses. Of the wearing variety.

As previously posted, I recently bought a pair. (A pair that I love, btw.) But the range of different styles was astounding. And always is.

I wonder what decision-making process spectacle-manufacturers go through in deciding what type of frames to manufacture, how many to go for in total, and how to divide their total between the different styles. Specifically, I wonder what the business requirements document looks like.

Not sure why I wonder this. But I do.

(As an aside, during the 48 hours since donning the new glasses, I have been compared to Chris Evans, Frankie Boyle, Ronnie Barker and Joe 90. I think it’s because I’m generally considered to be a funny kind of guy. My wife’s response? "Did you try them on in the shop?" Ho hum.)


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