Got the keys?

I expect Shuttle launches are planned a lot better than my family’s trips out of the house. Often, I’ll run back from the car to the house having forgotten my daughter’s juice, my iPod, or to check whether I’ve turned the gas off. (That last example is entirely fictional, intending to give the reader a stereotypical view of my forgetfulness.)

It would be refreshing to read about a Shuttle launch that was delayed because the pilot had forgotten the keys, or had forgotten to take the lunch that her husband had prepared (very PC, me) out of the fridge. Or to read of a short delay for one of the crew to have one last wee before the long journey.

Are we nearly there yet?


One Response to “Got the keys?”

  1. slatfatf on March 18th, 2009 16:17

    Surely nobody is interested in whether they are NEARLY there, only whether they are actually there.

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