Confusion to follow

Here’s a quick addendum to my previous post explaning the confusion of toggles such as Mute and Unmute. I think the BlackBerry Storm has taken a step forward with its choice of Mute and Mute Off. Altough I’m not sure why. Mute Off could equally be read as a noun as opposed to a verb. Maybe the fact that it’s made up of two words signifies more of an undoing action.

The issue surrounds the abbreviation of the English language to the point at which verbs and nouns become indistinguishable.

The same is true in Twitter. A user’s page includes text showing X following and Y followers. Only by looking at the Y followers piece can I get my head around the fact that the X refers to the number of people that the person is following, as opposed to the number following that person.

It’s a dull subject, but from a user experience perspective, Twitter needs to sort it out, either graphically or editorially.

By Dan on 24 March, 2009 · Posted in Grammar etc.

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