T-Mobile twunts double the price to make life easier

On Monday, I received the following text message from T-Mobile, my network provider.

From 1 May we’re introducing a flat rate of 40p a min to call some numbers beginning with 08. For details of how this affects you go online to t-mobile.co.uk/08

(The URL wasn’t a hyperlink. I’ve made it so in this post. Just for you. Aren’t I nice?)

On visiting the URL, I was informed that the reason for the change was as follows.

Previously, call rates to these numbers varied between price plans and by 08 numbers. Customers tell us that they are confused by the cost of calls outside their core price plan charges. By standardising these rates and applying consistency across the pay monthly price plans, we are making it easier for customers to understand what they’re being charged for calls to these numbers.

On calling T-Mobile this evening, I was informed that under my current price plan, all calls to the affected numbers are currently charged at 19.5p.

So in a nutshell, T-Mobile are offering to more than double a flat fee for me to make it easier for me to understand what I’m being charged.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve changed price plan and now such calls are included in my minutes. But many won’t, and will be stung by the price hike.


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