Britain’s Got Excel Talent

So, when will this show be airing?  I’m envisioning Ant and Dec hosting a programme where spreadsheet-jockeys good and bad show off their relative Excel talents in front of a hysterical, screaming audience.

Cowell will be disparaging over sloppy VBA, Holden will focus more on spreadsheet aesthetics, while Morgan will be a stalwart for formula efficiency.

Whaddya think?


One Response to “Britain’s Got Excel Talent”

  1. Jon on April 11th, 2009 21:10

    I’m quite scared, because I had a similar crazy thought about financial modelling – multiple PCs, large screens showing all kinds of calculations in action.

    It’s humbling to watch the show and think “what would I do?”

    The Excel / modelling could be like a kind of competitive match.

    I think I’m even more scared that I’ve had a thought similar to yours…

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