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There are a few things in life that I don’t understand enough about, things that I should understand better.

Specifically, there’s

I’d like some index cards giving me the key facts for each of these subjects.  A card for each of the main religions with further ones to describe the tensions between them; some cards detailing the facts behind Northern Ireland and the perspectives of the parties/Parties involved; and a similar set for the whole Israel–Palestine situation.

Could someone create these for me?  Thanks.

(Maybe Wikipedia could be my source for the second and third, but I wouldn’t have thought a consolidated view of religion exists there.)


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  1. AM on April 11th, 2009 19:14

    index cards for israel/palestine is asking perhaps too much. 61 years of strife on a 3×5?

    if you’re prepared to put a bit of effort in, try this

  2. Dan on April 11th, 2009 19:25

    Not just one index card. You can have a few. I’ll take a look at the link. Would you say it’s a relatively objective viewpoint?

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    […] subject matters I know little about, I thought I’d continue with the theme set out in this post of a month ago, in which I asked for index cards on each of religion, Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine to […]

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