Twitter to Google Docs: complete

Having done some more playing with Google Spreadsheets, I’ve got something close to a finished product: Twitter integrated with Google Spreadsheets.

Permissions in Google Spreadsheets are global.  People can either view or edit the spreadsheet.  You can’t specify which bits they can and can’t touch.  So I made the tough decision to split the friends sheet from the feed sheet.  If I’d kept them together, then by allowing people to add new friends, they would also have been able to tinker with (screw up) all the logic behind the feed.

So you add your friends here; and view your feed here.  There is a small (20 seconds or so) latency between adding your friends and their tweets appearing in the feeds sheet.  This is because the friends sheet publishes to a web page, from which the feed scrapes the content.  Doesn’t happen in perfect realtime, for whatever reason.  The good thing is that you can’t screw things up by deleting and inserting rows.  Up to 20 feeds can be added.

The CONTINUE formula behaviour for IMPORTFEED and IMPORTRANGE has made this much harder than it should have been—such a stupid idea, Google.  Thanks to Francis for discovering the friendly versions of the RSS URLs.

Anyway, enjoy playing.  I did.


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