If the earth’s land formed a kippah

If, instead of being distributed as it is around the globe, all of the planet’s land masses were amalgamated to form a kippah-style cap on the top of the earth, it would come down to 27° 8′ 2″N.  Everything south of that would be water.

The shore would be a line a little north of the Tropic of Cancer, running through Tampa, across the Atlantic, through the Canary Islands, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, southern Pakistan, passing a smidgeon south of New Delhi, through Nepal, Bhutan, the northern tip of Burma, lots of China, even more of the Pacific, reaching landfall on Mexico’s Baja California Sur, through the northern Mexican states and the southern tip of Texas before traversing the Gulf of Mexico and heading back to Tampa.

Naturally, these countries would not actually be there, their land having been moved north to accomplish the experiment.

Not sure what prompted me to ponder this problem.  But I did, and here’s the answer.


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