New technology overload: help needed

I’m struggling to keep up with technology.  Or more to the point, websites.  I want to.  But trends are becoming more short-lived, my learning curve is increasing in length, and maybe I’m not the intended target market.  Either way, I’m struggling.

I get Twitter; and I enjoy it.  I get Facebook; and in the main, I enjoy it, although its novelty has worn off.  But I was introduced today to and, both at my request and both of which I was previously aware of, and I switched off. is certainly too much for me right now.  I have neither the time nor the inclination at work to listen to music, and my mobile plan means that I’d pay through the nose if I were to use this even to a moderate degree via my mobile phone.  So I can strike that one off easily.

As for, it feels like the straw that might break the camel’s back, straw being represented by websites, and the camel being poor old me.

I will investigate, mainly because I think it might solve the problem I referred to yesterday.  But if we can hold fire for a few months before introducing anything new that I might need, that would be marvellous.  OK?


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