Snickers. Or is it a marathon?

I entered myself into the ballot for the London marathon yesterday.  I would have done it Monday had the site been able to deal with my traffic.  But it couldn’t; so I didn’t.

If I were successful in securing a place, it would be my first marathon, unless I decide to go for New York in November.  (That ain’t happening.)  I’ve done a few 10km runs in my time, peaking at 42m 30s a good few years back, my most recent such outing taking 45m 40s a year ago in the driving, driving rain.  And 15 years ago I did a half-marathon for fun on my own, catching the Metro to Tyneside with a couple of quid and my house keys in hand, and running back home to west Newcastle, an informal 13 miles or so.

Anyway, my name is in the tombola and come September/October, I’ll find out if I’ve got a place.  Fingers crossed, I think.


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  1. Jon on April 29th, 2009 22:35

    Good luck mate – and there’s always the charity route if the ballot doesn’t work – or even if it does.

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